March 1, 2016

Sports in India have mostly been a leisure activity, past-time or something that many embrace to keep physically fit. A sport as a career option is a far cry.

While the scenario in recent times has changed somewhat, the typical response to a query to youngsters whether sports could be pursued as a career, is mostly in the negative.

The apparent reason behind that is “there is no scope”. When we dig deeper, it is understood that people consider sports as an activity that has no bright future. It is limited to schools and large numbers leave it there itself. Majority of these youngsters do not even conceive sports as a means to earn their daily bread. Parents too, refrain from encouraging their children from opting for sports as a career and teachers lay more emphasis on studies. The sum total of this is that there is little encouragement to adopt sports as a profession.

To change this mentality of the common Indian and take sports to the next level, HVR sports INC, a large Sports Facilitator Company has associated with several sports federations to pursue its vision of converting passion into sustainable profession.

An important such association is with the Indian Golf Union (IGU). HVR Sports INC has tied up with IGU, the governing body for Game of Golf in India to take golf to the masses. IGU is recognized by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Govt. of India which will support HVR and vice versa.

After the huge success of Aura group, chairman Harsh Vardhan Reddy started expanding his business into sports with a belief that sports can develop the economic condition of India and empower the masses to live a better livelihood. HVR’s missionary zeal culminated in the promotion of HVR Sports Inc and several collaborations with various sports federations in India. The associations, he hopes, will give a definite shape to Indian sports by increasing the facilities and offering greater and better exposure to young Indians, who dream big. Some of the federations which have gone ahead with fresh promotional activities are the All India Jeet Kune Do Federation, The Indian National Style Kabaddi Federation, The Indian Style Wrestling Association of India and the All India Association of Sports for all.

Each Federation has its own significance and had worked nationally and internationally to promote and encourage sports. Now HVR sports INC partnering with this associations will help to expand the different kind of sports at the grass root level and will take the sports to the next level. HVR promises to provide a better media exposure, tournament sponsorships, workshops, referee and umpire training and promotion of diverse sports in schools, both in urban as well as rural areas.

Mr. Reddy believes India has huge potential but sports persons lack knowledge and proper exposure. The collaboration will provide opportunities to promote unrecognized sports and also players from all over India, thereby helping them to pursue their passion into sustainable profession. By tying up with these federations HVR will take sports to the masses and create a pool of players which will in future compete successfully at the Olympic.

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