Sports in India is about to change

HVR Sports   envelope 755x285 Sports in India is about to change
January 5, 2016
HVR Sports   envelope Sports in India is about to change

The HVR Group strongly believes in its responsibility to the community of people, human endeavour and environment. Supporting the cause of development and sustainability is ingrained in every fiber of our organisation. Within the Group, it is our constant endeavour to encourage fair entrepreneurship; sustainable development and responsible personnel management. This commitment does not end where our premises do. It extends right into the community for supporting a variety of interests – regionally, nationally and internationally.

It is no longer the case that youngsters in India take to sports purely for the sheer joy of it. HVR sports are transforming their energies towards developing specialised skills which will help them become professionals

HVR sports are passionately committed to promoting sports in India and developing sports personalities who are capable of bringing laurels to our country.

Over the years we have taken it upon ourselves to sponsor a wide range of sporting activities and supplement the efforts of the state sports federations in Luxury sports are polo and  golf, Olympics – (Athletics, Football, Handball, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Weight Lifting, Swimming & Diving, Water Polo, Table Tennis, Cycling, Skating, Tennis)

Mass games (Kabaddi, Throwball, Kho-Kho, Rassa Kassi, Yoga, Chess, Squash, Sepak Takraw, Ball Badminton, Base Ball, Carrom).  Village sports- ( Chopad ki sadak , lattu , Ghodi Kachchi Ya Pakki , Gghera , Atya , Kanchey , Gulli Danda , Phugadi, Lathi chal, Rope skeping, Langodi tang    & Kanchey, Gulli Danda,Phugadi,Lathi Chal,Rope Skeiping,Langadi Tang,Sitholia,Dog in the Pond,Chhupan Chhupain).

HVR Group Supremo Harsh Vardhan Reddy’s personal vision to take sports in India to a sustainable profession is the key focus of mission 2017. The group CEO Minkey Barbora, who has been recently promoted to director of HVR Sports Inc’ said that “We are creating a platform for all kind of sports to showcase their talent. We are encouraging the underprivileged kids to make their passion into profession. HVR sports are the sponsoring partner for Indian sports to produce top international athletes.”

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