HVR Sports is a sports portal with a philosophy of turning passion into sustainable profession. Apart from bringing in a wide audience, news and developments in the various fields of sports; it seeks to help attract tens of thousands of young Indians to take their passion of sports to another level and turn their dreams into reality.

HVR Sports also focuses on elite sports that have so far failed to generate a mass appeal. For instance sporting activities such as Yachting, Horse riding, Shooting, Polo, Golf, Archery, Kayaking etc, appeal to a certain strata of people who are affluent and are in a position to afford the accessories that are essential to play the sport. These sports are embraced by the affluent, and have a huge appeal among global audiences generating great interest. With the backing of corporate funding, the numbers that take to these sports increase manifold which help to create sports personalities who have the potential to win laurels for the country in world events such as the Olympics.



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