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Rules for Playing Kushti

Kusti/Pehlwani is a form of wrestling from South Asia. It was developed in the Mughal Empire by combining native malla-yuddha with influences from Persian koshti pahlavani. The words pehlwani and kusti derive from the Persian terms pahlavani and koshti respectively. A practitioner of this sport is referred to as a pehlwan while teachers are known

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HVR Sports   Photovestikz 964x428 Largest Martial Arts Academy in Central Asia Opens in Astana

Largest Martial Arts Academy in Central Asia Opens in Astana

ASTANA – Qazaq Batyry, Central Asia’s largest martial arts academy, which includes 10 training groups, recently opened in Astana. The Academy offers a variety of the most popular martial arts said by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Federation of Kazakhstan Aidar Makhmetov. “We have established an all-purpose academy

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HVR Sports   kughjad Sangram Singh announces launch of Champions Pro Kushti

Sangram Singh announces launch of ‘Champion’s Pro Kushti’

nternational wrestler Sangram Singh on Friday announced the launch of ‘Champion’s Pro Kushti’ in Mumbai. He is promoting this platform along with Janardan Pandey, entrepreneur and wrestling lover, which is adapted from the ancient Indian martial art form of Malla Yuddha. Sangram Singh’s Champion’s Pro Kushti is backed by the prestigious association of World Wrestling

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