Cycling Sports Rule

HVR Sports   cyclists in pace line 1000x285 Cycling Sports Rule
HVR Sports   cyclists in pace line Cycling Sports Rule

1. Divisioning
a. Special Olympics cycling competitions shall be offered for all ability levels. Cyclists will be placed in appropriate divisions based upon entry time and/or preliminary events.
b. A preliminary road race shall be conducted as a means to determine a cyclist’s riding ability and, consequently, for placement in an appropriate competition division.
1) Road Race – 5 – kilometer road race shall division all road race distances.
c. A preliminary Time Trial may be conducted as a means to determine a cyclist’s ability in the time trial event, for appropriate placement in divisioning.
1) Time Trials of 500 meters, 1 kilometer or 5 kilometers may be used, depending on the cyclist’s events.
2) The finishing time posted by an athlete in a road race or time trial final may be used to change the athlete’s division for subsequent finals if the athlete’s final time would make that athlete eligible to compete in a faster  division had that time been ridden during the preliminary divisioning event.”
Coaches will be notified of division changes when results are posted or within a reasonable time period following the event.
d. Cyclists racing in both time trials and road races may race a divisioning race for both events depending on time constraints and at the discretion of the Chief Referee and organizing team

2. General Rules
a. A time trial consists of an individual racing against the clock.
1) Competitors should depart at 30 – second or one – minute intervals for time trials.
2) The Starter shall countdown to the starting time using both an audible (verbal and / or tone) and visual (finger  and or clock) countdown for each rider. Notification of time remaining to start will be given at various intervals in advance of the start. (i.e. 15 seconds, 10 seconds, 5,4,3,2,1, GO!)
3) For hearing impaired riders a visual cue (flag or arm drop) shall be used to indicate the start of the clock / race.
4) The rider shall start from a stationary position. The rider shall be held and then released, without being pushed, by a holder. The same holder shall perform the the task for each rider in the division. The rider may opt to start  with one or both feet on the ground at the start.
5) At the discretion of the Chief Referee and organizing team, the time trial start order may be conducted fastest rider to slowest rider OR slowest rider to fastest rider depending on a number of factors including course layout, course condition, ability range of the field of riders and any other factors which may impact safety of the  competition.
6) Use of modified bicycles will be permitted only in time trial events. The Chief Referee will decide if two – wheel and modified bicycles may compete together, based on the number of competitors, course conditions and ability  level of the riders.
b. A road race consists of a mass start event.
1) For road races on multi – lap courses, everyone finishes on the same lap as the leader and will be given a prorated time unless the referee deems that there is too great a differential in speed among the competitors on the course. If this occurs, the referee will consult with the Event Director and Rules Committee on what action is to be taken. No times are recorded for Road Race Finals (Mass start). Awards are based upon placing only. The Maximum Effort
is not applicable in Road Race Finals.
c. Head coaches and other delegation members are not allowed to follow the competition by any vehicle, including bicycle unless specifically invited to do so by the chief referee. Coaches may coach from the course sidelines.
3. The start is by Starter’s pistol or whistle. For hearing impaired riders a visual cue (flag or arm drop) shall be used to indicate the start of the clock / race in addition to the use of a starter’s pistol or whistle.
4. The finish is determined by placing or order of crossing the finish line.
5. If the course is more than 2.5 kilometers in length, more than one division may ride on the course at once. The divisions may be started at one – , two – , or three – minute intervals.
a. The competitors shall wear their entry numbers according to instructions by chief officials.
b. Prior to the race, the competitors shall have the opportunity to warm up and inspect the course.
c. The race shall be declared finished when the front tire of the bike crosses the finish line.

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