HVR Sports   taekwondo split 670x285 TAEKWONDO Rules
HVR Sports   taekwondo split TAEKWONDO Rules

1. Demarcation of the competition area
The 10m x 10m area shall be called the Competition Area, and the marginal line of the competition area shall be called the Boundary line. The front boundary line adjacent to the recorder’s desk and the commission doctor’s desk shall be deemed boundary line #1 clockwise from boundary line #1 the other lines shall be called boundary lines #2, #3 and #4. (Explanation # 1)

Elastic Mat :
The degree of elasticity of the mat must be approved by the WTF before the competition. (Explanation # 2)

Measurement of Contest Area :
Contest area shall measure 10M and 10M while 1-2M wide outer area from the Boundary Line shall be secured for safety area. Accordingly, a court shall be 12M x 12M or 14M x 14M

1. Weights are divided into male and female divisions.
2. Weight division are basically divided as follows.

(Interpretation) 1. A Taekwondo tournament is a competition which is decided, within the rules by direct physical contact and forceful physical collisions between contestants. In order to reduce the impact of the inequality in relative factors between exchange of techniques the weight division system was established. 2. The division of men and women into separate categories men competing against men and women competing against women is a fundamental rule. 3. Weight divisions for the Olympic Games are to be decided in consultation with the international Olympic Committee. (Explanation #1) Not Exceeding: The Weight limit is defined by the criterion of two decimal places away from the stated limit (in hundredths). For example, not exceeding 50 Kt is established as until 50.00 Kg inclusive of 50.009 with 50.01 being over the limit, resulting in disqualification. (Explanation #2) Over: Over the 50.00 Kg mark occurs at the 50.01 Kg reading and 49.99 Kg is regarded as insufficient, resulting in disqualification.


1. Competitions are divided as follows.
1) Individual competition shall normally be between contestants in the same weight class. When necessary, adjoining weight class may be combined to create a single classification. No contestant is allowed to participate in more than one

(1) weight category in one event.
2) Team Competition: Systems of Competition (1) Five (5) contestants by weight classification with the following category .


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