HVR Sports   throwball 1024x285 Throwball
January 9, 2016
HVR Sports   throwball Throwball

Throwball is a game played between seven players of two teams. The game is one of the popular sport in India and is currently been played in more than 45000 schools and colleges, apart from a large number of clubs, factories, companies, districts, and state-units from all over country at sub-junior, junior and senior levels. Championships are conducted for boys, girls, men & women at State level, Zonal level, National & International level.

  • Each team will consist of 6 active players and 3 substitutes.
  • A match shall consist of 1 set for 15 points. If a team wins the first 1 set wins the game.
  • The right to choose the initial order of serving, receiving and ends shall be decided by lot and the winner may choose to serve or to receive first or to start at a particular end.
  • Players are expected to be at the court at least 15 minutes prior to the game. If the players fail to show up the match will be cancelled and the opponent will be declared a winner.
  • Teams will be divided into groups. Knock out round starts after each team has played the teams in their group.
  • Double touch (juggling the ball in both hands) is not allowed while receiving the service ball.
  • Players cannot catch the ball with the assistance of body or legs.
  • The ball should be served after the whistle and within 5 sec.
  • The ball should be served without crossing the service line with single hand.
  • Any ball after catching should be released within 3 seconds.
  • During the service, the ball cannot touch the net.
  • A player can jump when throwing the ball or while serving.
  • Players cannot touch the net during the play but the ball can touch the net.
  • A player while releasing the ball cannot rotate (360 degrees) or turn around to throw the ball.
  • During catching or releasing, the ball should not touch any part of the body except the palm.
    2 players cannot catch the ball simultaneously.
  • Any ball falling on the side-line or end-line is a good ball.
  • Shifting the ball from right to left or left to right or deliberately pushing is not permitted.
  • The service ball or the rally ball should not touch the poles. If it touches, then it is considered a foul.
  • During the play or rally, players cannot cross the net or obstruct the opponent team.
  • 1 timeouts (1 min) is permitted for each set.
  • Teams can substitute only when it is their turn to serve; only exception is if a player gets injured. Only 1 person can be substituted at a time up to a maximum of 3 substitutes per set.
  • Umpire decision is final (no exceptions). Even if it was wrong call from the Umpire, the decision stays.
  • Only the Coach or the captain can talk to the Umpire before or after the server (not during the play).
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